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Zuluhotel Staff________________(Page still under construction)
Zuluhotel has a very competent legion of staff members whose duty it is to make your stay at our server as comfortable as we possibly can.


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The developer will be seen from time to time, but are mostly in the the game testing scripts. If they have time, they will offer assistance, but that is not their main duty.

Developer Zulu - Head Developer
      Lothian - Developer


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It is the duty of the administrators to handle any and all scripting issues. Most of the admins also have alternate characters that do not show a "GM" title but have GM powers, so watch what you do around people. In a dispute, the admins' word is final, with Zulu's word being final over all.

      Kieri - Head Administrator
      Anubis - Administrator
      Erik - Administrator
      Alcatraz - Administrator

Gamemaster (GM)

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It is the duty of Gamemasters to handle all in-game assistance beyond the powers of the Counselors. When an administrator is not present, the GM has the final word in any dispute.

      Amroth - Head Game Master
      Wonderland - Game Master
      Lynx - Game Master
      Orion - Game Master
      Tabris - Head Gm of the Rpers
      Ayden - Game Master
      Israfil - Game Master

seer.gif (8465 bytes)

It is the duty of Seers to create in-game quests. You may see them from time to time, they will be busy setting up quests. It is not their duty to offer assistance, but if they have free time they often do.

      None at the moment


coun.gif (6545 bytes)

The Counselors of Zuluhotel are there to answer any questions you may have about the game. They will be the first to answer your requests for help, and if they cannot do it alone, they will call a GM. If no other staff member is present, Counselors have the final word in disputes.

      Erricus - Counselor
      Navar - Counselor
      Tracid - Counselor


Staff Protocol
Staff members, like anyone else, have certain rules and guidelines they must follow. These are listed here:

1) Staff members will not replace looted or stolen items.
2) Staff members will not raise stats upon request.
3) Being a member of the staff is a large responsibility and staff members are expected not to abuse their powers.
4) All staff MUST wear their staff robes at all times and they are NOT allowed to change the color of them.
5) GMs are not to jail people without a proper examination into the issue. Use your best judgement in a dire situation.
6) Staff member player accounts are not to receive any houses, items from players.
7) Staff will NOT dye / rename weapons, clothing, animals or items for ANY reason.
8) Staff are allowed to run staff website, but are forbidden to set rules and policies.

Any staff member caught by an admin abusing their powers will be jailed, banned, or have their account removed permanently. GMs that are being punished for power abuse must be banned, as they can release themselves from jail. Only an admin can punish another staff member. If you suspect a staff member of abusing their powers, please report it to Zulu who will take it into serious consideration.