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A Group of player under a Guild Stone working togeter.

Murderous Brigands [MB]
A Guild with Swedish Roots !.

Bringers of Dawn [BoD]
A Friend Guild
GM: Cyran Maties.

Scum of the Earth [SotE]
A Mostly Crafter Guild
Gm: Gauvenan.

Unknow [UnK]
A Friend Guild
GM: Thieot.

Resistance is Futile [RiF]
A guild made up of people who passed the total-newbie stage,
and just want to hang with other guild mates,
or use my nbook/ebook for scribing, and or just want to go hunting.
Gm: Avatar {beta}

UPS: United Pimpin' Service
UPS Protocol: Mainly a group of IRL friends who just use guild chat to talk and occasionally hunt.
Also great shard friends, such as Wolverine, and at one time God's Hand were in the guild.
We basically just hang out together and help each other when in need. We Share Everything.
GM: Kernal Sanders

Shadowy Enroachment Empire-[SEE]
Guild master -Stavi
A guild of murderous thieves and nasty crafters taking over

Guild Master= LoCKE
A guild that lasted from ages with powerfull friendship
and characters.

To add your guild here please conctact,Erricus