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Todays News
By Lexa Amore
1) Here lays stories and adventure of our land, you can come here as we will update them often.

Today's News: The Wondershop!

Who: GM Wonderland with the help of Admin. Alcatraz Has Opened a shop !
When: The Shop has Opened Oct. 24 , at 1:45 P. 2:45 GM , 3:45 C , 4:45
Where: Opened in the Guild of Sorcery, AKA The Occlo Mage Shop in Occlo
What: GM Wonderland's Shop The Wondershop Has opened today, his idea is
players to trade their cash for Reagents, Pagan Reagents, and Gems!

For 100k you can get either 100 of normal Reagents (etc. Nightshade,
Silk) or Pagan Reagents (etc. Dragon's Blood, Blackmoors)
For 125k you can get 500 of one gem type. (etc. Diamonds, Rubies,

Quote from Gm Wonderland " well i wanted to open a shop like the old
one :) , I love you all :) "

There you have it folks, I hope you stay tuned for the next post , Lexa