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Donating to Zulu Hotel

Why Donations?

Our main source of income is currently banner sponsors, however that has been about ten dollars.   The shirts have been popular, but that has only been sixty dollars.

There has not been a lot of money coming in with banners and shirts.  We are wanting to upgrade the server hard drive and CPU.  With donations, this will make it possible to get the new hardware quicker.  This is completely optional and if you choose not to donate all we ask is that you visit our sponsors and you can continue to play for free.  A small donation for a free shard isn't too much to ask.

What do I get for donations?

Most of the time when people make donations they don't expect anything in return except for the service to stay online.  All the money donated will be used to upgrade the server hardware, which in return will increase the performance of the shard.

So how much does it cost?

To become a supporter and to reap all the above benefits all we ask for is a mininum donation of $20.  That ends up being less then the cost of four value meals at McDonalds.  We understand that money is hard to come by but $20 is chump change and it really isn't much to ask.

Only $20! I'm in!  How do I get it to you?

This is most likely the easiest part!  We can accept check, money order, or cash, but we must warn you that cash often gets lost in the mail.

What can you do if you can't afford it?

Send in what you can, everything helps.

Make the check or money order out to dcp

The mailing address is:

P.O. Box 2098 Station 'M'
Calgary, AB  T2P-2M4

Make sure to include your Full Name, your shard account name.
Thanks, for taking the time to read this.