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Setting up a POL Server
1) You finaly want to make your own server ?
You wish to staff over your own world with your own Ideas ?
Well from experience I want to tell you you should work with POL
POL is the only emulator working with C++. If you dont know C++ coding, you can always find a scriptor (they are still hard to find)
But POL open so many door to new script and easy understanding.

Sadly, fiew are here to help new Server Master, that is why I will help you make your own server

First of all you can access the POL Web site from a link above "POL Emulator",
it will give you the chance to download the latest version of POL which is currently POL094
You may also wish to download the HoD (Hand of Dundee) which is a POL Staff Tools.
There is also an other version call DoH, (Dundee other hand).

Ok now,
You have a POL version downloaded and unzip, You must also own a copy of Ultima Online
That you should place in C:\Program Files\Ultima Online
And place your POL Emulator anywhere (exemple C:\POL)

Now you must find your computer IP, depending of which connection you may use, We will go with the hardest, a 56k modem
56 K Modem usely change IP each time you connect, which make it harder to program.
Ok, to find your computer IP. Press Start (left bottom corner of PC) Run, and type in winipcfg,
it will open a program that will give you your IP

Now you know your IP, Open your POL Folder,open the config folder
Inside Config Folder, find the file call servers.cfg, open that file (with notepad)

you will see this :

Name Test Builder
Port 2593

Ok, Where Name is, enter your shard name, (exemple Zulu Hotel)
Where IP is, enter IP,
and Port 2593 with 56k modem, 5003 with Cable

Close and save, Servers.cfg
Close folder Config and return to POL Folder
Now open the file (in POL Folder) named POL.cfg

You now have to enter the path to your Ultima Online Game
Lets use the exemple above, c:\Program Files\Ultima Online\
You will enter :

# UoDataFileRoot: where the UO client files are located
UoDataFileRoot=c:\Program Files\Ultima Online\

At ListenPort you will enter your IP (Exemple 56k) ListenPort=2593

# ClientEncryptionVersion: The client encryption version
# Supported values: 1.26.4 2.0.0 ignition ----- I am telling here, to the emulator to use those client
ClientEncryptionVersion=ignition -------- I am telling here, to the Emulator to use Ignition if not put client number

Close and save POL.cfg

Now open your Ultima Online Folder.
And look for the file name Login.cfg, open that file

;Loginservers for Ultima Online
;Do not edit this file or patching will fail! Always save a backup.

Close and save Login.cfg

Now, go back to POL Folder, double click on POL.exe, it should load a dos window, if the window shut , you have a problem
If so, you can double click the file call start.log, copy and paste it in an email and email it to me @ Zuluuo@yahoo.com
From that file I can tell you what your problem is

If the POL.exe does load correctly, (after a lil 5 minute) Go to your Client in Ultima Online Folder and double click,
Log on under Login Name : Admin Password: Admin.

Any problem or question Email them at Zuluuo@yahoo.com