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The Picture of our World

Know as the Noob Town, Britain is also the town center of all our world, It is the starting point and event Center. you can find many art, and items for sell, and many portal to attraction all around.

Britain is the World Capital

Know as the Role Playing Town, Occlo have many rules and laws. You must read them and know them before doing anything inside such a popular town.

Home of many powerfullplayer and many rich man, Occlo own the title, Of Most used town.

Home of the Rpers

There is many Dungeon around the world and also newby dungeon, But you do not have to run a dungeon to own items, monster can be found in T2A (the Second Age).

there is several dungeon in ZHCanada

Minoc's Mines
The Mine of Minoc are the safest place to find all of the powerfull ore of ZHC, you can also find many crafter that will help your need.

The Crafters Town.

The Vendor's Market
Is a market or area where player vendor are located,

Vendor Market of ZHC

Many Ways
there is many ways to travel in this world to remoted place sometime you need secret word or portal, but the ways are there.

Travel in ZHC

More to Come
you can send guild HQ shoot, @ Zuluuo@yahoo.com