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Ages Of Darkness
First Age Of Darkness: The beginning of the First Age of Darkness is marked by the coming of a sorcerer named Mondain. The father of Mondain had refused to share his secret of immortality with his son, and their disputes ultimately led to the fatherís death. Torn with anguish and no doubt by his fears of persecution, Mondain turned his dark powers against the kingdoms of Sosaria. In desperation, Lord British called forth a champion to rise to the defense of the realm. The hero who then was known as The Stranger, responded to his summons would many years later come to be known as the Avatar. It was through the actions of this Avatar that Mondainís foul gem of power was shattered and Mondain was destroyed.
Second Age Of Darkness: The triumph of the Avatar did not last long, for in slaying Mondain he brought the wrath of Minax down upon the land. Minax was the young lover of Mondain and a sorceress with magical powers even greater than Mondainís. She had the power to command legions of foul creatures, and in her quest for vengeance over the death of her lover, she brought much misery to the people of Sosaria. In order to prevent the Stranger's interference she traveled to Earth, the homeworld of the Stranger. She disrupted the fabric of time, and caused that world to be destroyed. The Stranger, with the help of Lord British who had moved back to Earth to help the Stranger, narrowly escaped Minax's rain of destruction. The Stranger then traveled throughout time, and with he help of a mysterious old man, and one Father Antos, captured a sword known as the Quicksword, Enilno, and slew Minax in her own castle, Shadowguard. The waves of power released in her defeat altered the land mass that was Sosaria, and reshaped the world yet again.
Third Age Of Darkness: The legacy of Mondain was thought to be ended, but it was soon discovered that the union between Minax and himself had created an entity known as Exodus. Exodus unleashed even more hordes of minions upon Sosaria. Again Lord British summoned the Stranger, and again the Stranger appeared, this time with three friends. They fought their way into the Dungeons, and seared their flesh with four marks. They traveled to Ambrosia, where they meditated at shrines and collected four strange cards. They then banished the Great Earth Serpent, entered Exodus's castle, slew his minions, and finally with the cards destroyed Exodus as well. Exodus's death caused the land to change into the layout it is still in today.

Ambrosia is an artic island thought to have been destroyed when it was battered by large rocks that fell from the sky. Four shrines were built on the island prior to it becoming lost. During The Third Age of Darkness, the heroes who killed Exodus, found the lost island of Ambrosia after sailing into a whirlpool. The shrines were very important to heroes as it was the location of the four cards that were used to defeat Exodus. It was also a place where the heroes were blessed by the priests. Though the island was proved to still exist, its location was still unknown. Later during the time of The Fellowship the island was truly found again by The Avatar. It seems the four shrines were destroyed or lost since The Third Age Darkness, for they no longer existed. However, a mineral known as Caddellite was discovered on the island, presumably from the rocks from the sky. The Avatar had to defeat a great Hydra in order to get to the blue rock. The mineral was instrumental in the destruction of the Cube Generator.

Armageddon means, the end of all life. It is also a very powerful eighth circle spell. Supposedly, the spell has the power to kill every living thing in the world. The spell is thought to have been cast by a man known as Zog who learned it from the extradimensional beings known as Wisps, but this can not be proven, as no history dates back that far.

from the book "SERVANTS OF ORDER" by Isstherios:
"Over the years, we who follow Order have devised a number of ingenious servants to simplify our lives. The earliest attempt is known as the "Animated Suit of Armor". Though automatons have made these nothing more than curiosities, some functional units are still in use today (e.g. the Fiend's Domain, but I implore you not to go exploring just to see one) The animated suits of armor have picked up many knicknames, such as "Suits," "Brass-brains," "Dummies," etc. They are severely limited in capability, able to understand but a few words, and even then are more than likely to forget orders more than three words in length. They were used primarily as guards, for they could take more damage than a human guard and were replaced easier if slain than a man would be.
The next achievement, representing a significant leap in servant design, was the "Brass Automaton." These are still used (particularly by frontier outposts such as Serpent's Fang) because they are far more intelligent than animated suits of armor and less costly to create than iron automatons (see next page). Their main drawback is that, like the animated suits of armor, they cannot be re-used once they are slain.
Most commonly used are the "Iron Automatons." Since they are considered the standard servant in our time, they are referred to simply as automatons. Iron automatons are slightly stronger, quicker, and more resilient than brass automatons as well as slightly more intelligent. The greatest advantage, however, is that if an iron automaton is slain, it can be reactivated. The spell used, Create Automaton, is found in nearly every wizard's spellbook. These advantages do not come free, however; they are more costly to initially create and drain more mana and reagents than the lesser servants.
The greatest of all the automatons are not servants at all. The Lords of Discipline are automatons with the minds of the greatest warriors transferred into their bodies. They are unsurpassed in strength, speed, intellect, and resilience, and have thus far proven to be the determining factor in the war. It is to this culmination of our knowledge that we, the followers of the Serpent of Order, shall emerge triumphant in our struggle with the misled followers of Chaos."

Avatar, The