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Raven Raven

The most arcane and popular way to cast a magic spell is by using mixtures of reagents. Reagents are used as a link between our world and the Ethereal Void, from where the etheric energy comes. Each reagent offer a unique type of link, by controlling certain forces or effects. For example, Blood moss offer a link to control the energy for movement, speed and life.
* Black Pearl - One of the most rare reagents used by Britannian Mages, Black pearls are an ignoble jewel, yet potent end for magic porpouses. Black pearl is a commonly used for casting spells that involve travel, distance, propulsion or projection.
* Blood Moss - Easily found in swamps and marshlands for it's almost glowing red color, Blood moss is known to focus the qualities of speed, animation and locomotion.
* Garlic - Every cook on Britannia knows the power and flavor that this reagent produces in their food. But Garlic is not only used to fight hunger, but to protect the Wizard from any peril.
* Ginseng - Ancient Healers founded the curative powers that hide this rare root. As a magical reagent, ginseng focuses the powers of healing and enhancement.
* Mandrake Root - Hidden in dimly-lit groves and the dankest of swamps, this disturbingly human-shaped root is usually a regeant difficult to reach. Spells involving strength, power and energy need this magical root.
* Nightshade - The deadly nightshade, another denizen of the swamps, was christened for its strange, waxen flowers, which only bloom at night. It should be carefully handled and prepared, for it is poisonous to the touch. For magical preparations, it is either crushed or brewed into a tea. As a reagent, nightshade focuses the powers of death, damage, poison and illusion.
* Spider Silk - Spider's silk is as common as spiders are, but as fine and light as air. Because of this, at least one ounce of it is required for a simple spell. The spider's silk concentrates the power to summon, conjure and bind.
* Sulphurous Ash - Capturing the power of volcanos, Sulphurous Ash is used in spells wich create explosions, fire and light. It gennerally rest aside the greates and most dangerous volcanic zones of the realm.

Resistance, The
During the rule of the Tyrant Blackthorn, many good folk of Britannia banded together to work against the corrupted ruler to help the common folk and to fight to remove the tyrant from his stolen throne. This group was the Resistance. Identifying each other by the password 'Dawn', members of the Resistance were drawn from all walks of life, from the nobility to the humble commons. But all did their best to aid those in need against the evil that had come upon the land. Even the Avatar became a member, being admitted by Chamfort after Terrance of Britain let slip his connections with the group. The Avatar found the information gathered by the Resistance members to be essential in the defeat of the Shadowlords and the rescue of Lord British.

Royal Museum
After the rule of Blackthorn, Lord British decreed that a museum be built to house unique artifacts and historic treasures. At the time of the Gargoyle War it shared a building with the Bardic Conservatory, to the enjoyment of the curator Kytyn and was called Lord British's Museum Of Oddities. At that time it had such artifacts as the Bones of Zog, parts of the remains of the dragon Frietag slain by Gertan, a perpetual motion machine, a monolith from Lord British's home world as well as other oddities. Two centuries later the Avatar found the Museum now in its own building, and the artifacts on display were largely from the prior quests in Britannia, including the Runes, the Virtue Stones, and the Lenses. Candice the curator was willing to show people around.


Runic Alphabet
Passed down from one generation to the next, the written runic language is directly descended from the language of the druids of old. Though strange and seemingly indecipherable, the process of interpreting runic script is really quite simple. It is the native written language of the known world of Sosaria. Languages: Runic Alphabet 1