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Verity Island

The village of Vesper lies in the desert of northeastern Britannia. It is the only town in the land populated by both humans and Gargoyles. The two races live together uneasily, their mutual hatred, fear, and prejudice sometimes turning into violence.
During The Age of the Avatar, Vesper was populated by humble shepherds, who lived among grassy plains and close to the picturesque Lake Generosity . A terrible drought transformed the region into The Dry Lands and forced the shepherds to find a new home. They founded New Magincia on the very island where once the city of Pride had stood. Vesper was thus disbanded and all that remained was a small hut in which the gargoyle Sin'Vraal(who was mistaken for a Daemon ) took residence some months after its former inhabitants had left.
Sometime after The War of the False Prophet and before the Age of Armageddon, Vesper was re-founded as an industrial town. Its economy was based on the acquisition of ores from the nearby mines and driven primarily by The Britannian Mining Company . Vesper's resurrection coincided with the integration of the Gargoyles into Britannian society, and so the village was occupied by both humans and Gargoyles in approximately equal numbers(the Gargoyles had already formed a colony on the island of Terfin).

Eight Virtues The Eight Virtues are what every upstanding Britannian tries their best to excel at. The eight virtues are as follows: Compassion - The dominate virtue of the bard. Britain is the city of Compassion. Compassion is the virtue of caring for others.
Honesty - The virtue of Mages. Also the patron virtue of the city Moonglow. Honesty means not telling lies. It also means speaking the truth even if you don't have to.
Honor - Honor is a virtue that most men try very hard to sustain. Having honor means never stealing, and never killing the unarmed. Trinsic is the city of honor, and Paladins are the firmest believers in it.
Humility - One who is humble will not need reward for their good deeds. Nor will they boast about their triumphs. shepherds are people of humility, and the patron city is New Magincia.
Justice - What is right, must be done. That is what justice is all about. Yew is the city of justice, and also where the courts and jails reside. It is the druids who enforce justice, as they are very just.
Sacrifice - For those who don't mind working without reward, and giving all that they have so that others may prosper, sacrifice is their virtue. Sacrifice is the prime virtue of the city of Minoc and is mostly followed by tinkers.
Spirituality - Pure and holy, rangers are very spiritual. They come from the city of Skara Brae the city of spirituality.
Valor - To be full of valor one mustn't run from a battle, nor should they be afraid to fight a larger foe. Those who are full of valor are often known as fighters, most of which live in Jhelom.

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