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Hall Of Knowledge
The Hall of Knowledge was the southernmost building in the last Gargoyle city in their own land. It was divided into three chambers.
The first chamber was the Librum Chamber in the western side of the building. It contained those books important to the Gargish culture, the Book of Ritual, the Book of Prosperity, the Book of the Underworld, the Book of Administration, and the Book of Family. However the truly sacred texts were kept at the Shrine of Singularity rather than the Hall of Knowledge.
The second chamber to the east was the Human Chamber. It contained artifacts from Britannia, clothing, weapons, and tools.
The final chamber was the Vortex Chamber. It held the Vortex Cube and Vortex Lens. However the Cube had been stolen by the Shadowlords, and the Lens smashed at the same time. The Hall of Knowledge was maintained by the Caretaker, an aged Gargoyle who cared for the exhibits. He had overheard the theives talking and was able to send the Avatar to Stonegate, where the stolen Vortex Cube was hidden.

Do not show pity for this abomination, for although it's missing its head, its thoughts are that of pure evil. Nobody knows where this strange creation came from, nor does anyone know how it sees, hears, and thinks. It uses crude weapons, such as clubs and slings, to attack weary travelers. It seems to have a fondness for gold, leading us to believe that it has some degree of intelligence. A headless is usually not that good at combat and it's attacks are crude and predictable. Still, exercise caution when approaching these beasts for they usually travel in small packs.

Horance was a powerful wizard that lived in Skara Brae. He isolated himself from the rest of the city, and built a large tower from the mineral black rock. Inside his tower he became mad, and in an effort to become an immortal he turned himself into a Liche. With his new found power he tried to kidnap the love of his life, who was a married woman. He sent his undead minions to take her in the night, but the ended up killing her in the process. Horance is also responsible for driving Batlin insane and causing him to hear the voice of The Gaurdian. He lived secluded in his tower until The Avatar put an end to his unlife by trapping him in a soul cage.