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Mad Iolo Mad Iolo
While in Serpent Isle, Iolo the bard was possessed by the Chaos Bane of Insanity, which was released when Batlin opened a Wall of Lights. Under the influence of the Bane, Mad Iolo destroyed Fawn, City of Beauty, and slew almost all the inhabitants. One of them he stripped of skin; a mockery of what he had once said to the people of Fawn: "Beauty is only skin deep." (this was cured thanks to the Avatar finding the Comb of Beauty). Later, Mad Iolo went with the other two Banes to the Castle of the White Dragon, where they laid a trap for the Avatar. The Avatar, however, was ready. Using the Blacksword, the Avatar managed to kill the possessed bodies of Iolo, Shamino and Dupre, the Ether Gem (once inhabited by the daemon Arcadion) capturing the Banes. Then the Banes were transfered to Soul Prisms (fashioned in Moonshade). The Avatar then summoned Thoxa, a priestess from Monk Isle, who resurrected the three companions, but they were rendered insane, oblivious to all around them. Iolo is returned to his normal self once he drinks some water from the Temple of Logic. The soul prisms containing the Banes are used at the Temple of Chaos to summon the Chaos Serpent.

Mad Mage Isle

There is an enchanted weapon that all mages fear. This weapon is in the form of a glowing saber, and is called "Magebane". The reason mages fear it so much, is because any attack landed by the Magebane, will remove all of the mana from the mage, causing their Spells to become worthless. There is little information regarding the creation of these weapons, however it is very doubtful they were created by any sane mage.

Mandrake Root
The most sought after herb of the spellcaster, mandrake root grows along the loamy banks of the stagnant swamps and has the shape like that of a man. It is rumored to scream when pulled out of the ground. Once found, mandrake must be dug up carefully so as not to damage the tap root, for it is in the root that the greatest concentration of active ingredients is found. Carefully remove the tough, outer skin, again giving special attention to the sensitive tap root. Using a fine-toothed silver fork, comb out the cottonlike fibers that make up the root's heart. The combed matting is boiled in pure water for no more than one hour, after which it is dried thoroughly and stored in a tightly sealed jar. When used in a spell, mandrake root increases the power of the desired enchantment.



The lunatic Sultan of Spektran. He had sold Terfin to Draxinusom in exchange for the Ethereal Ring, which he placed in his vault and guarded with a Stone Harpy. The Ethereal Ring originally belonged to Penumbra. The Stone Harpy had the key to the vault, so the Avatar was free to take the Ring once he defeated Martingo's pet.

Meditation Retreat

Meridin was the archmage that followed Lord British into the underworld. On the expedition, he had helped through his powerful magic. He was later killed by mongbats, his last action to burn them.

Minax Minax
Mondain had a child apprentice. Her name was Minax, and she was learning the dark arts from him. As Mondain wrecked havoc on the land, Minax watched him and was amazed at his power. She fell in love with him and conceived a child named Exodus. When the man who would later be called The Avatar killed Mondain, Minax was still quite young and inexperienced. There was a period of a several years, when Minax studied powerful magic, so she could one day destroy all of Sosaria and its inhabitants. Her magic became so powerful that she could wield even stronger magic then that of Mondain's Black Ruby. She also uncovered the secret of the Moongates in her lust for arcane knowledge, and traveled through the very flow of time to try and destroy Sosaria. During her time it was known as The Second Age of Darkness. She was finally killed by The Stranger, the same person who defeated Mondain. The soul of Minax was used by the Gargoyles to create the Shrine of Passion in the World of the Gargoyles. The Shrine was destroyed when the Underworld collapsed. The statue housing Minax's soul once again appears in Britannia during the time of the Black Gate.


Misty Channel
The water-way between Skara Brae and the mainland. It is said a mysterious skeletal ferryman will take passengers across, perhaps for a price.

Mondain was the second son of the wizard Wolfgang. He murdered his father and stole the his gem of power, which would later be turned into the Black Ruby by Mondain. Because of his rage and immaturity, Mondain caused horrible suffering and sorrow for the people of the land. The time when he lived was called The First Age of Darkness. So powerful in his magic was he that he was able to manipulate the space/time continium to an extent. He conducted strange experiments, and created monstrous beasts to attack innocent townsfolk. During his life hundreds died at the hands of these beasts, or at the plagues caused by the wizard. Mondain was destroyed by the one known as The Stranger, who would later be known as The Avatar by means of decapitation. Mondain's head was taken (probably by his apprentice Minax) after the battle. However, Mondain's legacy lived on not only in his apprentice Minax of The Second Age Of Darkness, but in their hellspawn creation Exodus of The Third Age Of Darkness, as well.


Moonglow Moonglow
Originally the Holy City of Moon, the people renamed it Moonglow in honor of the light of Truth, which became assosciated with the city following the introduction of British's virtues. Some of the mages in Moon, believing that magic and truth should not be linked since much magic involved deception, fled to the Serpent Isle and established the city of Moonshade, on the site of the ancient city of Magic. Located on Verity Isle, Moonglow inspires those who seek honesty in the world for themselves. Home to the renowned Lycaeum, a bastion for scholars of the principle of truth, Moonglow upholds Honesty as its paramount Virtue. In former times, travellers could find about the town many magical wonders, from potions to scrools to magical relics. A deep and flowing river of ether gathered to Moonglow and its town people. Moonglow has always been the Town of Mages, and two particular Mages, both women, Mariah and Penumbra, became popular because of the help they gave to the Avatar.


Mors Gotha

Mountain Folk
Thought to have been annihilated in the cataclysm after The Third Age of Darkness, the race of short stocky are thought to no longer exist. When Sir Cabirus decided to create the underground city in the The Stygian Abyss, the Mountain Folk, who it seems that carved out the majority of the caverns in the abyss, answered his call. The last clan of Mountain Folk came to join the settlers. Due to their small size, and natural ability to discern their way underground, they were very helpful to the settlers. However, when The Avatar banished The Slasher of Veils, the entire Abyss was filled with lava. Any remaining people are presumed dead. Mountain Folk are often called dwarves because they are so short, though they detest this name. 1