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"The seeker is nothing more than an abomination of nature. One large eye floats about connected to a huge, snapping mouth via a thick red membrane. It is hoped that this creature is the result of a magical concoction, but others claim that seekers are the living remains of the Destroyer, as foretold by the one who called himself the Guardian.
The seeker seems to be neither herbivore nor carnivore - no one has ever seen it eat. The creature simply hovers about until it sights a target and then launches into a furious assault of gnashing teeth. Yet no scholar has ever been able to explain the seeker's sole purpose of wanton destruction. It does not eat, and yet nothing eats it. Even in death the seeker mocks other life, exploding into a myriad of sharp bone and cartilage that can be fatal to those caught within the radius of its devastating blast."
-from the Chronicles of Pagan


Serpent Isle
Six months following the gem's destruction, the Avatar and the Companions were sent in search of Batlin. This journey took them to the Serpent Isle, home to a people who left Britannia due to Lord British's supposedly "tyrranic" virtues, and formerly the Lands of Danger and Despair during Mondain's assault. The Avatar tracked Batlin, whom the Guardian killed as a part of his master plan to destroy the Avatar. This, however, was only the beginning. When Exodus summoned the Great Earth Serpent, it caused a war between two ancient, rival factions on this land. One side won and left the world. All these things combined to form an Imbalance, which the Guardian capitalised on, and used to attack Britannia. The Avatar and Companions repaired the Imbalance, but not without sacrifice: One of the Companions was forced to give his life to save us all. After Balance was restored to the universe, the Guardian sent the Avatar to another world, one already conquered by the Guardian. Maps: Serpent Isle

Serpent Pillars
These Pillars give access from Britain to Serpent Isle.

Serpent's Spine
The Serpent's Spine is the major mountain range of Britannia, from the region of Lost Lake, source of the Lost River to the south and west of Britain, through an arch around the continent to the north and east of Britain. Locations contained within the Spine at various times in the history of Britannia include the Lost Lake and the dungeon Shame, the Cyclops Cave, the dungeon Despise, and a hidden valley where first the White Stone of Spirituality was hidden, then later an early airship crashed. The dark keep of Stonegate also lies within this mountains. During the time of The Warriors Of Destiny, Seprent's Spine was split in two by the Serpent's Pass, however this pass seemed to have closed during the time of The False Prophet and the mountain range was once again whole.


Shamino Salle' Dacil
Shamino Salle' Dacil is an otherworlder who was once a king in the Lands of Danger and Despair. When Lord British first arrived in Sosaria, Shamino was chopping wood nearby. Shamino was surprised by British's arrival, and cut his leg open with his axe. He named the boy who came through the red moongate British, as he said he was from the British Isles. Shamino raised British, and remained a close friend and mentor for centuries after. As king, he assisted the Stranger in his quest to defeat Mondain, the evil wizard who attempted to plague the lands. During the time of Exodus, Lord British had begun a project called the Great Work, which was an attempt to map out the recently changed Sosaria and requested a large groups of adventurers to search and outline the more obscure parts of the realm. Shamino was asked to explore the newly risen Isle of Fire and invesitage its ominous castle "Death". He returned to Lord British's Castle several weeks later, broken and bloody. There he was greeted by the scribe Fenton, whom he handed a piece of parchment to before collapsing. Following his exploration of Exodus' keep on the Isle of Fire, Shamino stayed with his friend Sentri in Montor West while he recovered. Shamino left his kingdom and lived in the Lands of Lord British, later known as Britannia, and during that time his kingdom dropped off the face of the planet and was not seen again for quite some time. Shamino then became a ranger who embodied the sacred Virtue of Spirituality, and assisted the Stranger once again, this time helping him become the Avatar. Later, he summoned the Avatar after Lord Blackthorn took control of Britannia and corrupted the virtues, and nearly died after being struck by a magic arrow from a Shadowlord. Approxiamtely 20 Britannian years later, he assisted the Avatar in forging peace between the Gargoyles and the Britannians and in sending the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom into the Void. Two hundred Britannian years after that incident, Shamino joined up with the Avatar yet again in his quest to destroy the Fellowship. At this time, Shamino forged a relationship with a young actress named Amber. Eighteen months after the Fellowship was disbanded, Shamino accompanied the Avatar to the Serpent Isle, where he helped him restore balance between the forces of Chaos and Order. On Serpent Isle, Shamino, along with others came upon his former castle on the northern part of the Isle. Shamino told the Avatar the story behind the castle and drew a map about it. Later while searching the castle, they met the ghost of Beatrix, Shamino's former beloved who attacked him, blaming him for abandoning her. After Shamino and others left the castle, they were attacked in the cave leading to the land of Gwani. Beatrix appeared during the battle and healed Shamino from grave injury. She told him that she'd forgiven him for abandoning her. Then she finally went to the Void. After Shamino and others left the castle, they were attacked in the cave leading to the land of Gwani. Beatrix appeared during the battle and healed Shamino from grave injury. She told him that she'd forgiven him for abandoning her. Then she finally went to the Void. After balance was restored, the Avatar was spirited away by the Guardian, a malevolent entity responsible for the Fellowship's misdeeds and the imbalance on Serpent Isle. After returning home, Shamino went on a spiritual quest to learn more about the Guardian. When the Avatar returned to Britannia for the last time, he freed Shamino from the spiritual realm. Shamino then revealed to the Avatar that the Guardian was the evil half of what the Avatar once was, stripped away after the Stranger became the Avatar. Shamino later placed the Rune of Spirituality in the column in the Stygian Abyss, thus destroying the column.

Sherry The Mouse
Sherry was a talking mouse that inhabited Lord British's castle and befriended the Avatar during the time of The False Prophet. She especially loves stories, and of course, cheese. Her favorite story was Hubert The Lion who she told to Lord British every evening.

Silver Seed

Silver Serpent
The Silver Serpent is a highly magical creature, and has been used as a symbol throughout Sosarian history. Lord British uses it as his symbol, and the royal guards of Britannia are the Order of the Silver Serpent, based in Serpent's Hold. At the time of the Ascension a Silver Serpent resided at the Cathedral of Love in Britain. The serpent was stolen by the Guild, but recovered by the Avatar. A serpent that can grow to great lengths, this creature is both huge and highly poisonous. Gargoyles developed a process to milk silver serpents of their venom. Ingesting the venom causes a short term increase in strength and ferocity, but the after-effects leave one feeling ill, weak and tired. Too-frequent use of silver serpent venom can cause addiction and death. Later experiments with silver serpent venom developed a powerful healing elixir called Serpentwyne which is said could heal any affliction. Images of silver serpents can also be found carved into the walls of gargish buildings and catacombs. The gargoyles also possessed a great horn which summoned silver serpents by the score if winded.

The silverleaf is a tree that grows in The Deep Forest of Yew. It can be distinguished because of its silvery leaves, and light tan, almost white trunk. Although the leaves of a silverleaf are considered a delicacy to many people, it has recently been found out that the race of creatures known as the emps make their homes in these trees. Since then, the destruction of silverleaf trees has been halted.


Skara Brae

Skull Keys
A magical key that could unlock one magically locked door. They were made by Shenstone and Tactus at the Darkwatch armoury in Minoc.

Skull Of Mondain Skull Of Mondain
When the Stranger shattered Mondain's Gem of Immortality, the wizard perished, yet in hushed whispers the High Mages of Moonglow have often argued that his broken essence lives on, scattered throughout the breadth of the Ether. After his defeat, dark-hearted minions scavenged the corpse of Mondain, binding toe, tooth, or crooked finger to unholy reliquaries, with the hope of harnessing even a fraction of the evil one's vast power. A bereaved sorceress Minax recovered the skull of her mentor and enshrined it at the site of his defeat. An artifact of unspeakable destructive power, the skull afforded Minax much of her power - and corruption. Centuries later, as sweeping earth-changes reshaped the lands following the defeat of Exodus and the collapse of the Isle of Fire, the Skull of Mondain vanished beneath the waves, forgotten. However, in The Avatar's quest to become The Avatar, the skull was found again, and thrown into The Great Stygian Abyss, finally destroying the skull, and permanently opening the Abyss.


Slasher Of Veils Slasher Of Veils, The
An extremely powerful demon who was brought into this realm when the wizards Tyball and Garamon while they were experimenting with planar travel. When they pierced the barrier between dimensions, a monster stepped through from the plane of demons. The brothers called this creature the Slasher of Veils. Powerful on its own world, it hat the potential to become equally powerful on Britannia, but in the moments after it arrived it was weak by demonic standards. The brothers, horrified at what they had accomplished, were able to bind it, but were not able to send it back whence it came; it resisted their efforts. The brothers immediately began new research so that they might correct their grievous error. The demon had to be trapped within an imprisoning chamber and imbued with virtous magic. Second, Garamon would lure the Slasher of Veils into the chamber, where it would be weakened by the virtuous energies there. Third, Tyball would shut the two of them into the chamber. Fourth, Garamon would rip open the veil to the demon's own plane and lead the demon through. Fifith, Garamon would escape through a portal already placed in this dimension, leaving the demon trapped there; activation of the portal would seal the rips in the veil, denying the demon a chance to return to Britannia. With speed born of desperation, the brothers began to work, preparing the Chamber of Virtue and making very cautious, furtive trips into the demonic dimension, where they prepared Garamon's path to safety and the portal allowing him return to our world. But the demon, too, was at work. It correctly divined that Tyball was less virtuous of the two brothers and began to speak into his thoughts. It gave him knowledge and promissed more. It promised wealth and power, greatness and majesty. All Tyball had to do was let Garamon lead it into the chamber of Virtue and watch as the demon ate Garamon. (that its virtuous nature not infect the Abyss); then Tyball and the Slasher of Veils would become partners in destruction. As a result, the Avatar was summoned to Britannia by the ghost of Garamon to stop his brother Tyball and rescue Baron Almric's daughter Arial who was to be a sacrifice to the demon in order to reopen the rent to it's dimension. The Avatar succesfully defeated the wizard before he could complete his incantation and freed the girl. Because The Slasher Of Veils could not be destroyed, it was banished by the Avatar using the eight talismans of Cabirus, the events causing the Stygian Abyss to become filled with lava.

Slaughtered Lamb, The
The Slaughtered Lamb was the tavern in Yew during the time of the Gargoyle invasion. It was run by Andrea, a large woman who liked to meet men. The thief Boskin hid the Rune of Justice under a plant there after he stole it.

Sosaria was the name of the world up until the end of the Third Age Of Darkness. It comprised the Kingdom of Lord British, the Lands of Danger and Despair, the Lands of the Dark Unknown and the Lands of the Feudal Lords. Sosaria was rennamed Britannia when the latter three lands disappeared, leaving only Lord British's realm. The other lands of Sosaria possibly still exist. The Lands of Danger and Despair, now called Serpent Isle, could be reached by passing through the Serpent Pillars as the Avatar did during the time of The Black Gate.

Spektran Isle
The Isle of Spektran has played an important part in the quests of the Avatar since the First Age of Enlightenment. At that time the island was just emerging from the sea, and the Bell of Courage lay in the middle of the shallow. When Blackthorn and the Shadowlords took over Britannia, a mage named Sutek took residence on Spektran. He told the Avatar how the Shadowlords could be destroyed by using the shards of Mondain's gem and the sacred flames.
In the days of the False Prophet, the treasure of captain Hawkins was buried on Spektran. This treasure contained a piece of silver tablet that was necessary to translate the gargoyles' Book of Prophecies.
When the Guardian first tried to invade Britannia, a lunatic who called himself the Sultan of Spektran had his house on the island. Within this house was a vault which contained the Ether Ring guarded by a stone harpy, which proved essential in destroying the tetrahedron generator. Since this is the first time the name 'Spektran' is used, it is possible that the so-called Sultan invented this name.

The Forest of Spiritwood in the western regions of Britannia was noted for its eerie reputation, and for being as magical an area as any in Britannia. The name came at least in part because it was a known haunt of wisps in the past. Nightshade was one of the things found in the deepest parts of Spiritwood, only on the very darkest of nights. It was also in Spiritwood that the entrance taken by Lord British to the Underworld was located, on the river flowing south through the forest. The river through Spiritwood, from which Lord British entered the Underworld, was the River Maelstrom.

Where this enchanted weapon came from is unknown. It's a very rare device that is quite powerful. It works much like a standard throwing star, however when it hits, it explodes into eight similar stars. It's a very effective weapon to fight small groups of foes, and still be able to hit them all with one throw.

Stonegate was first raised as an earthly domain for the three Shadowlords of Hatred, Falsehood and Cowardice. The three dark wraiths knew instantly if their keep was being invaded, and could teleport themselves there through the ether in the blink of an eye. Stonegate was where the Shadowlords held the magical sceptre of Lord British. Stonegate was guarded by the mighty daemon Balinor. Some time after the Shadowlords were banished from Britannia, a family of Cyclopses made Stonegate their home. They used it to house the Vortex Cube. In the age of the Fellowship, Stonegate had been reduced to ruins, and the once-high mountains around it turned to swampland. Yet the ruins of the Shadowlords' old keep housed another item of power... the Magebane sword. Still later, in the time that has been called Ascension, Stonegate became a haven to which Hawkwind, the Time Lord, summoned the Avatar for his/her final quest.
From the book, "The History Of Stonegate" by Shazle: "The story of Stonegate Castle is, indeed, an interesting one. At one time the keep was occupied by the Shadowlords, during Lord British's disappearance and Blackthorn's evil rule. However, once the Avatar returned our noble monarch to his throne, eliminating the Shadowlords from Britannia, a family of cyclops made the castle their home. Not more than three decades from then the walls were abandoned.
This lasted but for a short time, however, for a small colony of wingless gargoyles found refuge within the confines of the keep. Three years later they were driven out by Lord Vemelon of Jhelom, who chose to retain the castle for his own purposes. For several generations ownership was passed down the Vemelon line until one day the very mountains nearby opened up, and the swamps engulfed the castle. Now, rumors purport that a colony of trolls have taken up residence amongst the ruins, along with an ancient wizard, but no one has ever confirmed their existence."

The Stygian Abyss Stygian Abyss, The (also The Great Stygian Abyss)
A deep labyrinthine pit located on the Isle Of The Avatar (once known as the Isle Of The Abyss) where the Avatar found and raised the Codex Of Ultimate Wisdom. It was permanently opened by throwing the Skull Of Mondain into it's depths.
During the Avatar's two hundred year absence, a society of knights and other folk attempted to tame the Great Stygian Abyss. Lead by Sir Cabirus, these noble adventurers formed a society of virtue in the Abyss. But as the Abyss exudes evil, the society collapsed and the Abyss was soon transformed into a prison. The Avatar was pressured by a dream to return to Britannia because the dream had claimed that a "great evil" was present in the Abyss. After being transported to the Isle of the Avatar, the Avatar was thrown in the Abyss, falsely accused of kidnapping. There the Avatar made peace with all the monsters and civilised folk, and collected Cabirus's eight Talismans of Virtue. As it turned out, an evil demon called the Slasher of Veils was brought into this realm by a foolhardy wizard named Tyball. The Avatar rescued Baron Almric's daughter and stopped the Slasher of Veils from comming into this reality. This set off a volcanic eruption and caused the Abyss to become filled with lava. Dungeons: The Stygian Abyss

Sword Of Chaos
In a box lined with human skin, in the dread Palace of Blackthorn did the Avatar discover this most terrible of weapons. A weapon most deadly in battle it did prove, striking down foes with the destructiveness of the legendary glass swords themselves. Yet it was also a weapon most perilous to the unfortunate wielder. When heated battle was upon the bearer of this foul blade, the Sword of Chaos would reach out, ensnaring the soul of the unfortunate who bore it within his grasp. And the one thus bound in sorcery would strike out against his comrades, seeking their ends with all the fury that the weapon could muster. The fate of the Sword of Chaos is unknown. It was with the Avatar's party when they reached the prison of Lord British, and if fortune smiled it was destroyed after the rightful king returned. But the escape from that Doomridden cell was via a Moongate, and oftimes items carried may go astray... Thus be warned and wary, lest it be ye who lifts a strange newfound sword, to lose thy soul to the perilous blade. 1