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Caddellite is a blue mineral that was found on the island of Ambrosia. The Avatar used the mineral and made helmets from it to protect from the cube generator. Caddellite is mineral that is foreign to the land of Britannia and came from the meteor that hit the island thousands of years ago.

Castle Death
Exodus's castle on the Isle Of Fire. The very floors of the castle would rise up to protect Exodus whenever the Avatar attacked. It later appeared during the time of the Black Gate when the Isle Of Fire was risen from the depths of the sea.

Castle Of The White Dragon
The Castle of the White Dragon is a large castle located North of the Gorlab Swamp in Serpent Isle. This is where Shamino's Fiancee's Father lived. When his daughter died he went insane and killed all his staff. After he had murdered his subjects, the King of the White Dragon remained to haunt his castle. He continued to slay the unwary who ventured near. The Castle was used by the escaped Banes of Chaos as a trap for the Avatar. The King of the White Dragon met the Avatar at the gate, and was destroyed despite the dragon shape he took. The Banes were defeated by the Avatar after the traps set by both Banes and the undead King had been bypassed.

"Changelings are, indeed, a curious species. As they are shapeshifters, it is difficult to describe their true form. However, there is one shape that is apparently available to all changelings - or at least in all of those encountered thus far. In that form, they appear much like short, disfigured and disproportioned men. The changelings' movements seem jerky and erratic, yet the creatures seem to be in control of their actions.
In battle, the changeling assumes the shapes of its opponent or flora! In these forms, the changeling has the strengths and abilities of these other creatures, including any toxins they might be able to employ. In what must be assumed is its natural form, the changeling bounces about the area and then suddenly leaps at its opponent with it huge tooth-filled maw opened widely. No one has had the opportunity to learn exactly what it is that allows a changeling to shapeshift or what makes it act as it does, for it fights viciously to the death. Moreover, the creature disappears when it dies, making study impossible."
-From the Chronicles of Pagan

Chaos Serpent
One of the three Serpents of the Ethereal Void, the Chaos Serpent was the living embodiment of the Forces of Chaos, part of what made up the Principles of Balance. Following the Great Earth Serpent's disappearance from the Void, the Chaos Serpent began to fight with the Order Serpent. This action precipitated the War of Imbalance, in which most of the Ophidians were killed. When the Forces of Order finally killed those who followed Chaos, the Chaos Serpent was broken into three Banes of Chaos: Anarchy, Wantoness, and Madness. Locked in a special containment unit within the Temple of Logic, the Banes remained trapped until the sage Batlin, working on orders from the Guardian, destroyed the Bane Jail and loosed them on Serpent Isle. Following Batlin's death, the Avatar, under the direction of the Great Earth Serpent, rejoined the Banes of Chaos into the Chaos Serpent. This action came at a heavy price when Sir Dupre, one of the Avatar's dearest Companions, sacrificed himself to restore the Chaos Serpent. Now that the Balance has been restored, the Chaos Serpent resides in the Etheral Void, entwined between the Serpents of Balance, and Order.

Codex Of Ultimate Wisdom
The Codex is a book that contains the answers to all life's questions. It is a magical tome that whenever opened will be at the page, that will answer you current quandary of life. The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom was brought to the world from the Ethereal Void by the gargoyle seer Naxatilor, using the Vortex Cube, a magical lens, and the eight moonstones. It was taken from the bowels of The Stygian Abyss, by the man who would later be called The Avatar. Upon removing the Codex from it's underground shire, a horrible earth quake collapsed a large portion of the underground caverns. The race of gargoyles was almost destroyed because of this. Thinking The Avatar was the foretold False Prophet from the Book of Prophecies, tried to assassinate him. The Avatar was saved at the last minute by his closest friends, and after much strife it was found that the gargoyles were just trying to reclaim their property. Thus, in order to prevent further bloodshed, The codex was cast into the Ethereal Void, and two lenses were crafted for viewing it. The lenses were presented to the leader of the humans, and gargoyles. A shrine for the Codex was then constructed on the Isle of The Avatar.

Conor Starfalcon
Conor Starfalcon was a humble fisherman met in New Magincia by the Avatar during the Gargoyle invasion. He was the humblest man in the town, not boasting about his humility. It was he who was able to tell the Avatar the Mantra. What Conor would not bring up is that he was once a Paladin and the head of the Order of the Silver Serpent until he retired to a humble life. At some point in the past he had known Iolo, but neither he nor Iolo would speak of the matter.

During the Quest of the Avatar, Cove was a hidden village that was very difficult to reach without magic or a lighter than air device (like a magic carpet, for instance), placed as it was at the end of one of the source rivers of Lock Lake. Those therein were wise folk, with valuable information and insights. The Temple of Virtue in Cove was the place where the Candle of Love had been held in trust for the one who would become the Avatar. During Blackthorn's era Cove was still an out of the way place. The folk of the Temple of Virtue were able to give the Avatar valuable information however. Despite the lack of visible defenses, Cove still remained a place of refuge from the ills of the outside world. By the time of the Gargoyle invasion, Cove was more inclined towards contact with the outside world. However this trend had been reversed by the Gargoyles, who had captured the Shrine of Compassion, and thus blocked the road to Britain. Sometime around this period the mage Rudyom moved to Cove, a citizen who would remain for over 200 years. As of the Fellowship days, Cove had serious problems with the rest of Britannia. The Britannian Mining Company had polluted Lock Lake, threatening the towne's water supply. Fortunately the Great Council was aware of the problem and working to contain it. Inside the towne, Cove had gained a reputation of being the Towne of Passion. Almost everyone therein had another as a sweetheart, from the mayor Lord Heather on through all save Rudyom and a woman named Nastassia. The Shrine of Compassion was under the care of the people of Cove, and, during the Avatar's sojourn in Britannia, it was under Nastassia who took care of it and prized it. During the Cataclysm of the rising Columns of the Guardian, Cove was destroyed. The survivors of Cove journeyed to Dagger Isle and set about rebuilding their town there, along with the folk of the likewise destroyed Minoc.