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Empath Abbey



Ephemerides was an astronomer at the Lycaeum during the time of the Gargoyle invasion. The practice of his art had given him skill in lensmaking also, as he made his own telescopes. It was Ephemerides who created the Concave Britannian lens which was used by the Avatar in the ritual to return the Codex to the Void. He melted a glass sword for the raw materials. Ephemerides had plans to create an orrery of the Britannian solar system. It is likely that the orrery present at the Lycaeum two centuries later was his work.


Not to be confused with the Ethereal Void, the Ether is the source of magic that permeates anything and everything on every world. The Ether has no source, rather it is its own source, being infinite in nature. It can best be described as an unending sea of ghostlike waves, that eddy and shift in a way that is totally unpredictable. Those who are attuned to the Ether, commonly called mages, can draw these swirling etherwaves into the Material World and shape them into spells.
Some misguided individuals have been lead to believe that the Ether exists in concentric circles, numbering only eight. This, however, is untrue, as the potential power of magic is as limitless as the Ether itself, but the Human mind's need for organization has structured our known spells in such a way they may appear so at first glance.
Certain things can disrupt, or otherwise effect the flow of Ether. One of these is blackrock, which has the unique characteristic of extending into the Ether, slowing, and even blocking the flow of Ether around it. Another implementation of blackrock, combined with powerful magics, can create a "Zigzag" or "Jagged" Ether wave, instead of the normal rounded kind, perverting the Ether around it. These "Jagged" waves, while they can still be used by mages, unless protected against can cause serious harm to the mind. One such implementation was the Tetrahedron Generator, created by the Guardian in his first attempt to conquer Britannia.

Ethereal Void

Exodus Exodus
Exodus, the Hellspawn part-daemon, part-machine progeny of Mondain and Minax. This "child", the result of their creation, caused the very lands of Sosaria to become unstable, rose from the ocean upon it's Isle Of Fire to carry out it's plans of destruction upon the world. The first warnings were when a derelict ship was found crewless with the word 'Exodus' scrawled in blood upon its deck. Once again, The Stranger was summoned to the world to thwart this new threat. So terrible were the forces unleashed by Exodus that the Hero required the assistance of the Time Lord of who gave the heroes four cards that, when placed in Exodus, would deactivate "him". The Stranger travelled to the Isle Of Fire where they encountered the Great Earth Serpent, who Exodus had summoned from the Ethereal Void to do it's bidding. The Stranger was able to circumvent the Great Serpent, and by gathering from across the lands the Cards of Love, Sol, Moons, and Death, entered The Castle Of Death (sometimes known as The Castle Of Fire) where the Stranger was able to deactivate and destroy Exodus before his final plans could come to bear...
This event, however, caused the lands to to become extremely unstable, causing a great upheavel as Exodus interface to the land was severed. This nearly cataclysmic event tore the lands asunder and from it become what is now known as the land of Britannia. Exodus, however, had not been defeated entirely...
During The First Age Of The Guardian, a mad mage by the name of Etherian had discovered a relic known as The Dark Core. This was the device that housed the essence of Exodus who used it as an interface between the spiritual and physical worlds. It was used by Etherian to raise the sunken Isle Of Fire from the depths of the sea. The Avatar prevented the return of Exodus by passing three tests to aquire the Talisman of Infinity and thus banishing the Dark Core. 1