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Dark Core, The
The device known as the Dark Core housed the spirit of Exodus, who used it as an interface between the spiritual and physical worlds. It was used by a mad wizard to raise the Isle Of Fire. The Avatar prevented the return of Exodus by passing three tests to aquire the Talisman of Infinity and thus banishing the Dark Core.

Daemon (also Demon)
These Hellspawn horrors are among the most formidable of foes. In addition to their overwhelming strength, dexterity and intelligence, Daemons possess magical abilities that rival those of the most powerful mages. They can take possession of their opponents' souls and summon fellow Daemons to assist them in their merciless slaughter. Drinkers of human souls, Daemons relish the screams of tortured humans above all else.
Daemons have often been mistaken for Gargoyles. The Gargoyle Sin-Vraal , who provided The Avatar with vital information to destroy The Shadowlord of Hatred, was believed to be a Daemon. During The War of the False Prophet, when the Gargoyles waged war on Britannia to save their dying civilization, scholars learned that Daemons and Gargoyles were in reality two distinct creatures.
True Daemons include The Slasher Of Veils, in which was summoned to this realm by an evil wizard and later banished by the Avatar; Exodus, the part-daemon, part-machine creation of Mondain and Minax as well as Arcadion, who was entrapped in a magical gem and merged with the blackrock sword to create the Black Sword. Most demons are found deep in the bowels of magical dungeons where the fabric between our world and theirs is very thin.

Deep Forest
A huge, thick forest in the northwestern region of Brittania. The town of Yew is near the center of this area, and the Empathy Abbey is in the northwestern tip of it. This is the home of Shamino Salle Dacil during the Ages of Enlightenment. This region is the favorite of Druids, Rangers, and Lumberjacks alike. Iolo Fitzowen, Companion of the Avatar, has a small home in the forest, where he and his wife Gwenno live, along with the talking horse Smith. In later years the Wisps lurk in an abandoned keep near the center of the forest, not far from the Emps with which they keep in contact. During the time of The Black Gate, there was also an abandoned fort in the Deep Forest that housed Wisps, and where a lot of treasure could be found. There were also Silverleaf trees in the Deep Forest during the time of The Black Gate, which were the home of the Emps, and were being cut down by the local lumberjack Ben until the Avatar comes by and makes him sign a document to stop. To the North of Deep Forest, on a penninsula, is the Shrine of Justice. To the Northeast is the Dungeon of Wrong. To the Southwest is Spiritwood, and further southwest is Skara Brae. Just south, adjacent to Deep Forest is Serpent's Spine.

Hidden in the southern end of the Serpent's Spine Mountains, west of the city of Trinsic, there is one feature of this dungeon that springs into the minds of any who hear its name: Dragons.
Destard is the lair of more dragons than any foolhardy adventurer has dared linger to count. Despite the perils of the firey denizens of this pit however, a few explorers have descended into the utmost depths of this dungeon and returned, with tales of a hatchery of dragons in the deepest chambers. The treasure of the foolish majority who did not return is also there, in the hoards of their scaley slayers.
In times long past, Destard housed the Red Stone of Valor in the seventh level. It also housed magical orbs capable of raising one's strength. On the sextants of those times, Destard was located at (KI,EI).
In later years it was sealed by the Great Council, using the Word of Power INOPIA. What effect this period of imprisonment might have had upon the Dragons within is unknown. They certainly show no signs of any ill effects.
More recently, it has been recorded that a unicorn named Lasher has taken up residence in the dungeon, unmolested by his draconic neighbours. It seems Lasher desired a respite from being called upon to test the virginity of prospective brides, and the dragons coupled with the location of Destard means the dungeon suits his requirements for isolation almost perfectly. Dungeons: Destard

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