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Father Antos
Father Antos was a resident of Planet X, the tenth planet in Earth's solar system. He provided the Avatar with a magical ring that allowed him to pass through the force fields in Minax's fortress. Father Antos was also present at the Lycaeum Observatory during the time of The First Age Of Enlightenment where he tells the Avatar of the Book Of Truth in the Library of the Lycaeum.


Fellowship, The
After The War of The False Prophet, in which the Gargoyles waged war on Britannia to save their dying civilization, The Avatar did not return to Britannia for two hundred years(see notes ). With the threat of evil gone, Britannia's citizens resumed their normal life. Life that did not call for the aid of an otherworldly hero.
The following of The Way of the Avatar began to wane. Many people felt that they were failures for not being able to uphold The Eight Virtues. Furthermore, society was not able to focus upon a role-model. For many people The Avatar was just a legend.
In this spiritual vacuum The Fellowship came into existence, approximately twenty years before the return of The Avatar. It was founded by Batlin, who assumed the leading role, and the twins Elizabeth and Abraham , who held high administrative positions within the organization. Around this time mages started to turn insane and the moongates began to function unreliably. Seemingly, the age of magic was coming to an end. Many people turned to The Fellowship, who represented an optimistic future and a vision that wasn't tied to Britannia's mythical past.
The organization rapidly grew in popularity and The Fellowship halls - church-like buildings where members would meet every evening to meditate - increased in number. Its headquarters were located in Britain . The Fellowship shelter in Paws tended to those in need.
A few years before The Avatar returned to Britannia, an ambitious nobleman who wanted to disband The Fellowship was found murdered in a storehouse near The Castle of Lord British, his body horribly mutilated. There were several more ritualistic murders in the months that followed. The victims were all opponents of The Fellowship and/or its philosophy.
Research conducted by the scholar Alagner showed that the principles of the Fellowship were not as positive as they seemed. Alagner explained the Triad of Inner Strength (roughly) as follows:
* Strive For Unity This principle reveals that the Fellowship consider themselves to be an elitist group. If one not is not for them, then one is against them.
* Trust Thy Brother Implies that Fellowship members should trust other members implicitly, and should not question their deeds.
* Worthiness Precedes Reward If one does good deeds for The Fellowship one will be rewarded. However, if one does not do good deeds for The Fellowship one will be "punished".
Furthermore, Alagner observed that the inner circle of The Fellowship, was serving an entity from another dimension known as The Guardian, and that the "inner voice of reason" was actually the voice of this Guardian.

One of the two moons of Britannia. Depending on it's shape, it would determine the destination of the moongate which was opened by Britannia's other moon, Trammel.