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Priestess Kylista Kylista
Priestess of Beauty for the city of Fawn. Kylista was a vain woman seeking Beauty in every action she saw. First meeting the Avatar when he arrived in Fawn, she graciously accepted the return of the White Breastplate of Beauty, created by the master blacksmith Standarr of Monitor. During the trial of Sir Dupre, she secretly controlled the Oracle of Beauty along with Captain Voldin, hoping to destroy the Avatar and his companions. She was arrested for her crimes when she was discovered by Alyssand, and was thrown into Fawn's prison. Claiming later that Voldin was to blame, she attempted to lure the Avatar into releasing her in exchange for personal favors. Later, during Mad Iolo's vicious attack upon Fawn, she was killed.

A spritely fairy, Kissme was responsible for spreading love dust all around the lost isle of Ambrosia, an island destroyed soon after the Third Age of Darkness. When the Avatar arrived on Ambrosia, on the advice of Jillian of Moonglow, searching for the mysterious mineral known as Caddellite which would enable the Avatar to enter the Guardian's Cube Generator in the Meditation Retreat, Kissme welcomed the Champion of Virtue, kissing him with the wettest, sloppiest, oozingest, and mushiest smack possible. As they spoke, Kissme explained that Ambrosia had once been very beautiful, and all of her ancestors had lived there, but Ambrosia had been struck by falling pieces of Caddellite, battering the entire island to bits. When the Avatar asked about the Caddellite, Kissme explained that it had been collected by the three brothers Shandu, Shanda, and Shando who made up the terrible hydra who guarded the Caddellite den. As the Avatar continued his quest to save Britannia, Kissme remained on Ambrosia, spreading her love dust.

Knights Of The Crux Ansata
A group of humans in the Stygian Abyss. Originally hailing from Jhelom, the knights accompanied Caribus on his ill-fated settlement attempt in the Stygian Abyss. 1