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War Of Imbalance, The

Well Of Souls


These beings hail from another dimension, which they call "Xorinite" claim to be projections of life from that plane and appear to share a collective consciousness with others of their kind. They are known to haunt wooded areas and seem able to, if not naturally, extend into many other planes of existance.
Their government is known as the Undrian council. They apparently communicate through the Xorinia, a conduit between different dimensions and value information above all else. Wisps have the knowledge of what is perhaps the most dangerous spell, Armaggedon of which was taught to the mage Zog by them centuries ago which obliterated life on Sosaria for a long time.

Wolfgang was the father of Mondain. He was said to be a very powerful wizard who, through the use of his Ruby of Power, was immortal. Wolfgang had two sons, Mondain was the younger son. It's unknown as to what happened to the older son, some scholars claim that Mondain killed his older brother, but the facts are unclear. Wolfgang taught Mondain the arcane arts. Mondain was a very impatient child, and in his lust for power he murdered his father, and stole the Ruby of Power.

Wrong was originally meant to be an underground prison, but it never worked out. It's composed of three different sections, the third of which was never finished. Because it's been forgotten, the inhabitants in it are left to fend for themselves. Some of the original workers have stayed and gone insane. Many of the beasts and creatures that were once locked away, have broken free. Some still remain, forever trapped in their cells. Some should probably never be let out. 1