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The language used by Gargoyles. Languages: Garghish Alphabet


There were three generators used against us. Each was constructed of Black Rock, and made to help allow The Guardian entrance into Britannia. They are:
* The Cube Generator - Allowed the followers of The Fellowhsip to hear their Inner Voice (the voice of The Guardian.) It allowed the Guardian to charm the people of Britannia better. It's outer defense system was a high-pitched noise. It's inner defence system consisted of a maze of triggered ramps, fireballs and taunts from the Guardian. It was destroyed when Avatar removed the smalled Cube from its center.
* The Sphere Generator - This was a prison for the Time Lord. The generator had an outer defense mechanism that transported people back a few moments in time from whence they came. It also kept the Moongates partially functioning, which have been permanently stopped since its destruction.
* The Tetrahedron Generator - Created harmful ether waves, which drove most mages insane. After its destruction the mages slowly returned to normal.

Gorlab Swamp

The Great Earth Serpent Great Earth Serpent
Also known as the Balance Serpent, the Great Earth Serpent was one of the three Serpents of the Void. By keeping the Order Serpent and the Chaos Serpent in Balance, the Great Earth Serpent led the people of Serpent Isle in a time of peace and prosperity. Appointing a Great Hierophant of Balance, who embodied the Principles of Balance, Chaos, and Order to rule over the people, the Great Earth Serpent lived in the Ethereal Void, and could be reached by the Great Hierophant of Balance through the Wall of Lights, found in the Grand Shrine of Balance on Sunrise Isle. During the period historians call the Third Age of Darkness, the Great Earth Serpent was pulled from the Void by the hellspawn Exodus. Although he was freed later by the hero who would become the Avatar, his absence allowed the Order and Chaos Serpents to begin to fight. As they fought, so did their followers on the Isle and the War of Imbalance began. The War was short but bloody as the Forces of Order, blaming Chaos for the Great Earth Serpent's disappearance, systematically destroyed the Forces of Chaos. Later, when the sage Batlin appeared in the Serpent Isle to help the Guardian enhance the Imbalance, the Great Earth Serpent was awakened to the Avatar's arrival in the land. Advising the Avatar of the tasks required to restore Balance, the Great Earth Serpent was finally restored to his former glory. He currently resides in the Ethereal Void, entwined between the Serpents of Order and Chaos in Balance.

Great Northern Forest

Great Sea
The Great Sea is the body of water surrounding the continent of Britannia.

Great Stygian Abyss
See Stygian Abyss.

The Guardian Guardian, The