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Penumbra was a gypsy woman, the daughter of Zoltan, and the sister of Karina. She was a seer, who lived in Moonglow with Beyvin until he was slain for being too honest. Penumbra had a justified reputation for being a skillful seer, and she gave invaluable advice to the Avatar during the Gargoyle invasion that aided in ending the war. She became something of a town legend when one day some years later she sealed herself into her house, saying that only the Avatar could awaken her. It was two centuries later that the Avatar returned, indeed waking Penumbra from her enchanted slumber as she had forseen, and getting her assistance in destroying the Tetrahedron Generator of the Guardian which was disrupting magic.

Pirate's Cave
The Pirate's Cave was a hidden maze of tunnels on a nameless swampy isle in the Great Sea, where Captain Hawkins hid his treasure. The entrance was found by the Avatar, who collected the scattered pieces of map from their owners, then got the directions of Homer as to the location of the cave on the island. The Avatar found the entrance location was easily distinguished from the remainder of the island by the hydra that had taken up residence over it. With that dispatched, a shovel opened the entrance into the caves. The interior was heavily trapped and filled with misdirection, but eventually the Avatar found the treasure chamber hidden in the bottom of the cave. The door was blasted open and therein the Avatar found much treasure, including the Silver Tablet describing the Gargoyles, and the Storm Cloak, which the Avatar returned to Homer as payment for his aid. 1