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New Magincia
An island situated in the middle of the great sea of Britannia, due east from Buccaneer's Den, and west from Verity Isle (on which lie The Lycaeum and the city of Moonglow). New Magincia was founded on the principle of Humility.
Magincia was once a thriving merchant town, its wealthy people proud of their great city of marble palaces and lush gardens. Prior to The Age of the Avatar, Magincia was overrun and destroyed by Daemons , punishing the city for its selfish Pride. The souls of the inhabitants lived on as restless spirits to warn others of their sins. Only the humble shepherd Katrina survived, she would later join The Avatar in his quest.
Around the same time Blackthorn rose to power, the island was re-settled by shepherds who had fled their former home Vesper , as the northeast of Britannia had fallen victim to a terrible drought. Isolated from the mainland, New Magincia has changed little since.

This hallucinogenic mushroom is often the critical ingredient in spells that create illusions or poisonous effects. Sprouting in swamps, and only in the dark of night, this mushroom is easily distinguished from others by the way its stalk bruises when crushed. Retain only the fungal cap and discard the tough stalk. The spores housed in the underside of the cap provide the active ingredient and can be chopped into a fine mincemeat or boiled into a bitter tea. 1