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Balance Serpent
The Great Serpent that lives in the Void. It Balances the Order and Chaos Serpents. In Serpent Isle the Avatar restores balance to the world by freeing the Balance Serpent. See Great Earth Serpent.

The creator of the original balloon is unknown, but it was stolen and hidden near the Dungeon Hythloth during the time of the Quest of the Avatar. A man named Sniflet told the Avatar-to-be where it was located, and it was used to retrieve the White Stone of Spirituality from the hidden shrine in the Serpents Spine mountains. The fate of the balloon after that was unknown, but the art of making and flying them was lost for a time.
It was a man from Minoc who rediscovered how to make a balloon. He flew to the isle of Sutek to perform a task for him, and died in the catacombs under Sutek's castle. Directed there by Selganor of Minoc, the Avatar found the man's remains and the balloon plans.
The Avatar used the plans to create a new balloon, paying Marissa of Paws to make the airbag of spider silk spun by Arbeth of Paws and woven by Charlotte of New Magincia. Michelle of Minoc wove the basket, while Mortude of Paws provided the rope needed. A cauldron to put the fire into to heat the air in the bag was recovered from the Dungeon Covetous.
With the Balloon complete, the Avatar used it to visit the Gargoyle Shrine of Singularity, which could only be reached by those who could fly.


Bay Of Pirates
The bay in the middle of the Isle of Avatar was called Bay of the Pirates during the Quest of the Avatar. It was filled with a fleet of spectral pirate ships which prevented anyone from accessing the Isle of Avatar.

Beh Lem
The offspring of the Valkadesh, Beh Lem, meaning "Just One" was a gargoyle child who joined the Avatar in the quest to stop the war between the Britannians and the Gargoyles. Beh Lem was useful, as gargoyles in the gargoyle city would not attack, seeing him in the party. Beh Lem developed a friendship with Captain Johne in Hythloth, and would meet him at the exit to Hythloth each day. Beh Lem also gave directions on how to get to Valkadesh. Beh Lem would not leave the Avatar's party once joined. He wanted to end the war and would not leave before it was accomplished. Although still a child, given a worthless name for the time being, Beh Lem was strong compared even to adult humans. He was a worthy adventurer. Unfotunately, his fate after that adventure is not known. Since he never appeared again, it may be presumed that he died.

Black Gate, The
The Black Gate was a Blackrock construction built by members of The Fellowship in the caverns near the Shrine of The Codex on the The Isle of The Avatar . It was meant to serve as the portal through which The Guardian would enter Britannia.
Blackrock is a rare substance that is still shrouded in mystery. What has been determined is that under the influence of magic, electrical and magnetic energy, and the celestial bodies, Blackrock constructions can act as gateways between dimensions. It was The Guardian's intention to enter Britannia during the Astronomical Alignment.
The Black Gate was blown up by The Avatar just as The Guardian was trying to get through. As the moongates had ceased to function after the destruction of the Sphere Generator, The Avatar also destroyed his only means of returning home.

Black Gem (Black Gem Of Mondain)

Blackrock, the unbreakable, jet black mineral that is found only in the deepest of mines. Numerous experiments have been performed with this newly discovered mineral, including those by Rudyom of Cove, and others.
Blackrock is indestructible by any normal means, though by the use of a relatively minor spell, a small amount of the substance can be made malleable for a short time. Because of another of its peculiar properties, blackrock played an important role in the Avatar's last quest in Britannia. Blackrock seems to slow, and block when used in large quantities, the flow of the Ether around it. This was useful in blocking the harmful ether waves created by the Tetrahedron Generator, so that the Avatar was able to converse more easily with the mage Penumbra. Horance the Liche also used blackrock in the construction of his dark tower, making him immune to the detrimental effects of the Tetrahedron Generator that incapacitated so many mages of the time.
Blackrock also has other, not yet fully explored characteristics, one of which deals with teleportation, as seen with the Black Gate, and the smaller blackrock gem within the castle sewers during the Guardians first invasion. When imbued with powerful magics of some kind, blackrock seems to aid the process of inter-dimensional travel. This magic is beyond even the powers of even our most powerful mages, though perhaps someday its secrets will be discovered.
Blackrock, while widely known in intellectual circles, is far from common, and is in fact the rarest known mineral, surpassing even gold. Known deposits have been located in both the Minoc and Vesper mines, first mined by the Fellowship for use in creating the Black Gate. This mineral is not limited to our own world, either. According to the Avatar's companions in the Serpent isle, the Ophidians used blackrock in the construction of their holy objects. Also, found among the Avatar's journal entries from the time of the Guardian's first invasion, blackrock was used in many of the planes that he traveled to.

Blackrock Gem (also Blackrock Dome)
An enormous gem made of blackrock that the Guardian used to encase Lord British's castle and everyone within. It was imprevious to physical forces and prevented magics from being used within it. The blackrock gem was also a portal, each one of it's eight facets leading to other worlds, which were also conquered by the Guardian. The gem imprisoning the castle was sucessfully shattered by the Avatar using the Horn Of Praecor Loth and with the help of Nystull.

Blackthorn (Lord Blackthorn)
The tyrant who ruled over Britannia in the wake Lord British's disappearance into The Underworld.
Blackthorn established The Ethics of Britannia, laws enforcing The Way of The Avatar. Furthermore, he intended to open the eight remaining dungeons so that evil could once more spread out into the land. To this end, he established The Oppression to track down the members of The Great Council who knew the Words of Power needed to unseal the dungeons.
Blackthorn's evil deeds did not begin in his heart. He was corrupted by The Shadowlords, sinister agents of darkness who had sprung forth from the shards of Mondain's black gem. After being rescued from the dungeon Doom, Lord British banished Blackthorn to The Serpent Isle, bypassing the judgement of The Council, and thereby showing mercy on a once noble man.

Blackthorn's Castle
In the midst of the volcanic fires, west of the hallowed Isle of the Avatar, stood Lord Blackthorn's vast darkstone palace. In the few years since Blackthorn seized Britannia's throne and declared martial law, ostensibly to keep the peace in the land, his personal stronghold has grown to rival Castle Britannia in size and luxury. But there the semblance ends, for those who have had occasion to visit the Palace return - sometimes - with tales of great towers with seemingly bottomless pits, labyrinthine dungeons, nightmarish torture chambers, and daemonic guardians in the royal throne room. Half-human watchers patrol the endless halls casting all who did not wear the Badge and speak the password into the dungeon's torture chamber where lethal fates invariably awaits.

Book Of Prophecies
From the "BOOK OF PROPHECY" by Naxatilor the Seer
Translation: "An ancient prophecy tells of the final days. When the end of our world shall come. Three signs will precede the end. Thrice shall a being of great evil come into our land, and by this it shall be known that the end is nigh. This evil one is of another race, who consider the evil one a great prophet. Yet this false prophet follows not the principles of Control, Passion and Diligence.
One day the false prophet will come and desecrate our most holy shrine. And the false prophet will steal our most holy artifact, the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. This shall be the first sign of the end.
Then, it is written, the false prophet shall descend deep into the bowels of the earth. And the false prophet will cause the underworld to collapse. This will cause great earthquakes to tear our world asunder, and there will be a time of plague and famine. This shall be the second sign of the end.
One last time shall the prophet come. This time, the false prophet will come with a band of warriors. And they will destroy all that remains of the gargoyle race. There is only one way that this prophecy may be averted: That is by the sacrifice of the false prophet."
These prophecies were what led to the gargoyles attempting to sacrifice the Avatar during the beginning of the Age Of The False Prophet.

Book Of Rituals
This book tells how the gargoyle Naxatilor brought the Codex into the world. It could be found in the library section of the gargoyle museum.
Translation: "Heed well as I, Naxatilor, write of how I brought the Codex to our land and thereby ushered in the time of prosperity: With the help of the Lensmaker I crafted the Vortex Lens, by which I could see the Codex where it originally rested. I created the Vortex Cube to focus the power of the Moonstones and draw the Vortex down to the world. Then I used the lens to form an image of the Codex upon the cube. The Vortex touched our plane, the image became solid, and the Codex was brought down to be used properly by our race!"




Brotherhood Of The Rose
The brotherhood of monks at Empath Abbey during the time of The Black Gate. They were known for their fermenting of wine.

Buncaneer's Den